Discover The Kimberley II | Drone Operator, Broome

My new drone project and labour of love….

This has to be me at my happiest. Exploring the Kimberley. Chasing the light. Being creative. Camping in strange places. And sleeping under the stars. I hope you enjoy!

I shot so much drone footage last year this could easily be a nice 5-10min video. But let’s be realistic, who’s got the attention span for that. So consider this a sneak peek – or my 2018 ‘showreel’. Maybe somewhere down the track I’ll upload a Directors Cut for any drone nerds out there. 😀

Feel free to share with people you think should come to the Kimberley – or someone who you want to make jealous.


Discover The Kimberley | Drone Operator, Broome, WA

My latest drone video from the spectacular Kimberley region of Western Australia.

RISE ABOVE | Darwin Drone Video, NT

Some new aerial drone footage from around Darwin, Northern Territory, showcasing the natural beauty and unique colours of Australia’s ‘Top End’.

You can see some new drone photos of Darwin over here and here.


Darwin Drone Photos | Aerial Photographer | NT

Some new aerial images from around Darwin, Northern Territory. Part of an ongoing project using the latest cutting-edge drone technology to create HD photos and video that showcases the unique colours and natural beauty of Darwin.


The rise of drones affords us the luxury of putting a camera just about anywhere but also increases the importance of understanding composition and camera craft. Creating professional images is about much more than simply putting a drone in the air. The goal is to create interest and depth in an image through the careful composition of elements within the frame, shooting when the light is at its very best so that colours are rich and saturated, and paying close attention to detail so that the viewer’s eye flows through an image.

Get in touch today to discuss how aerial drone photography and videography can help promote your business and compliment your existing products and services.

You can see more of my aerial drone photos from Darwin over here. Or drone video over here.


Darwin Aerial Drone Photography | Northern Territory

Some recent aerial photos from an ongoing project. Darwin, Northern Territory.

Get in touch today to discuss how affordable HD aerial photography and videography can benefit your business. Especially useful for property developers, architects and infrastructure projects.

Aerial images of Darwin also available as stock photography for commercial use. You can see more of my aerial drone photos from Darwin over here. Or drone video over here.









Discover The Kimberley | Trailer | Drone Photography Broome

Latest aerial video project shot across the spectacular Kimberley region of Western Australia.

An older aerial video of Cable Beach in Broome can be seen over here.