Discover The Kimberley II | Drone Operator, Broome

My new drone project and labour of love….

This has to be me at my happiest. Exploring the Kimberley. Chasing the light. Being creative. Camping in strange places. And sleeping under the stars. I hope you enjoy!

I shot so much drone footage last year this could easily be a nice 5-10min video. But let’s be realistic, who’s got the attention span for that. So consider this a sneak peek – or my 2018 ‘showreel’. Maybe somewhere down the track I’ll upload a Directors Cut for any drone nerds out there. 😀

Feel free to share with people you think should come to the Kimberley – or someone who you want to make jealous.


2 thoughts on “Discover The Kimberley II | Drone Operator, Broome

  1. Gary this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. We visited the Kimberley two years ago and just have to go back. How can I save this? and forward to people I’ve told about the awesome beauty of this place?


    1. Hi Marlene, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you like the video. The Kimberley is a pretty magical place. So many fun experiences behind each of those shots. I love it out there! The best way to share the video is by sending people a link to the blog post: or using the Share button below the video on my Vimeo page: Thanks heaps! ~ Gary


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