Featured: Capture Magazine Annual 2013 | Melbourne

Nice to have some work featured again in this year’s Capture Magazine Annual under the Fine Art, Landscape & Travel categories.

Pick up a copy for a little end-of-year photographic inspiration.

Fine Art | Lost in Oblivion II

Landscape | Salt Stacks, Adelaide

Travel | Incense Sticks, Malaysia



Featured: Capture Magazine Annual 2012 | Abstract & Architectural Photography

Some work currently featured in the latest issue of Capture – Australia’s Top-Selling Pro Photography Magazine.

Pick up your copy of The Annual – Capture’s yearly round-up of the photographic industry-  available until the end of December. Lots of amazing work to soak up and be inspired by.

Some personal work, as well as a recent shot for Di Mase Architects, featured below.

Tough Day At The Office





1st Place: Australia's Top Emerging Photographers | Architectural & Interior Photography

Very pleased to have recently been voted Australia’s Top Emerging Architectural Photographer for 2011, currently in the May/June issue of Capture Magazine.

“With over 1500 images submitted from hundreds of emerging photographers, the standard was superb and impressed even the toughest judges.” ~ Marc Gafen, Editor, Capture Magazine

Check out the amazing work submitted across all 10 categories here – www.australianphotography.com/news/architecture – or see the winning series below.

Capture Magazine May/June 2011

Capture Magazine May/June 2011








Featured: Capture Magazine, New Discoveries | Abstract Photography

New Discoveries  feature in the Jan/Feb issue of Capture Magazine. And a great way to mark the end of my 1st year working in Melbourne.


Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Gary Annett studied Industrial Design at the University of Ulster and Desktop Publishing at Wesley College in the United States. After graduating he focused his attention on a collection of limited edition prints of Belfast, his home city, and his first solo exhibition ‘Dark Days’.

Now based in Melbourne, Annett has just finished projects for Little Wonder Design Company and St Michael’s Uniting Church and continues to devleop a body of work that reflects his passion for photography and digital imaging while also assisting other professionals in the industry.

Annett says that he finds himself drawn to the ever-changing play of light in the natural and man-made environment – always looking for opportunities that capture a passing moment of time or an image that transforms the everyday and ordinary into something special, something unique.

“I believe strongly in introducing a human element into my work”, Annett says, “giving the viewer a sense of scale and a way into the image – a heart and soul so that they can relate.” With many of Annett’s images, he strives to “transform rather ordinary places through the use of light.” Ultimately, he hopes that “perhaps as photographers we can help people see the world differently through our images and our stories”.